Dustless Sanding and Finishing

The beauty of wood floors is their durable quality and timeless appearance. Unfortunately, time will eventually take its toll on even the finest hardwood floors. Light surface scratches and minimal fading oftentimes only require a thorough cleaning and one or two coats of finish to restore the original luster and beauty of the wood. Floors with deep scratches or deeply embedded stains will require the sanding and refinishing process.

Because we specialize in sanding, staining and finishing our floors are perfectly prepared for staining and coating. we can use any type of finish that is required by the customer. We usually use an expensive, two component commercial finishes that are extra low-odor, quick drying, and super high-durability. All these finishes can be done in 3 basic sheens: gloss, semi-gloss, sating, extra matte or special sheen.

Professional dustless floor sanding ,
and buffing / screening with modern equipment, is also our speciality.

European Craft custom mixes our stains on site, and preferably with the input of our clients.

Choosing a stain colour that will compliment your space can be a difficult decision; and just as a paint swatch often times looks very different when applied on your walls, the same is true with stain colours on different types and grades of wood.

  • Our process starts with the application of a base colour to a sanded section of the floor to determine how the wood grain reacts to it.
  • This also provides an opportunity for the client to request any adjustments to the colour
  • We would be pleased to offer suggestions with regard to stain colours and will adjust it until the client is completely satisfied.

Then we apply 3 or 4 coats of finish.