“Each one of us, in some way, rubs against the hunger and poverty of others. We know how to share bread with those who don't have it or those who have less than us. We know how to open our hearts to the needs of our brothers and sisters, who suffer as a result of poverty and scarcity. Sometimes they are ashamed of admitting it, hiding their hardship. One must discreetly give them a brotherly, helping hand.”

My journey on helping others started on missionary trips, with My friend Dariusz (landscaper from Seattle ) European Craft Hardwood Floors is helping with every trip, and all the projects we carry We went on a few trips and were blessed to be able to assist the poor and sick in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
We have worked on orphanages, schools and houses. But I believe that the most important thing is help towards small children. We're sponsoring and sanding a school group of 45 kids from Uganda and Tanzania, and recently working on our biggest orphanage project of ours in Kenya.

We believe in the power of human benevolence. 

We believe that we can help the world, one child at a time. 

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